Saturday, 23 October 2010

"Underlay! Underlay! Ariba! Ariba!"

Several loose floorboards nailed down securely and the carpet fitter arrives on time. He sounded just like Bryan Jones (not to be mistaken for the Brian Jonestown Massacre). 

I'm asked, "how do you want the carpet fitted around the banister spindles?" (on the landing). My reponse, "fitted to the floor please". It didn't go down too well with the bloke. What kind of answer was he expecting from me though?! He's the professional! 

After much discussion with Deb, Helen, and input from Steve, the decision was made and advice from the expert followed. The carpet will stop at the spindles folded under itself instead of being cut and nailed around them. I was afraid it would look rubbish, but it's ok thankfully. 

2 1/2 hours and a tea and coffee later, the fitter left Strathcona. I could now carry on with the job in hand, covering the stairs and landing with plastic dust sheets to protect the carpet from builders' boots, plaster and varnish scrapings. Job's a good'un! 

Baby's room

Dust sheets and carpet/underlay in place.

If you look to the far right in the living room, you can see newly applied cement.
More on that in my next post.

By the way, new addition to the ever increasing tool family I'm acquiring...a stanley knife!

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