Monday, 18 October 2010

New for old

I'm sure you'll be bored of my endless posts about our new home ('improvements'), but I have to de-stress somehow. I hope by sharing the load I'll be able to sleep a bit better as time goes on. Vampires look cool with red eyes, I just look really tired!

This post begins, well, at the beginning really. The house had just been bought and the dread set in...what the hell have we done?! I'll touch on that in a lot more detail on a later post.

I took the following pics on our (me and Deb) 1st viewing of the house. Helen came along to provide moral support. I've only included photos of the garden at this point as that was the 1st 'big reveal'.

Helen & Deb

 With a lot of help from Aud & Les (my folks), in about 15 hours of hard slog over one weekend, the garden was magically a much more manageable garden! To be fair to my folks, they did the majority of the work. I tended to walk about the place generally stressing and shaking my head still thinking, what the hell have we done!? I couldn't even make a decent cup of tea which was agreeable to the parents.

Thanks to the Queen & King for all their hard work, I had a ball that weekend.

Drum roll please...


My Dad, quite literally, stumbled over a beehive, buried underground.

I've not got a more recent photo of the garden, there have been further improvements, but you get the idea.

Till next time!

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