Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lost and found

So, I was locking-up my newly installed French doors the other night and, in mid turn, my keys came off their ring and dropped to the floor. From there, they then slipped through a ridiculously small gap and fell into the sub-floor.   

Having not yet moved into our new home, optimum resources to retrieve said keys were not available. I feel a plan coming on... 

After pacing around for a minute, thoughts now composed, it came to me. I know what to do! I can fix this! Masking tape in hand, I fashioned together a plastic brush, telescopic paint roller pole and a Draper slotted screwdriver. Behold, a master class in sub-floor key retrieval...



  1. superb. a similar thing happened to me when i was about 10 years old and was sent to buy a loaf crossing two busy main roads in the process. i dropped my mum's tenner down a grid on one of the roads. it got stuck in a cobweb just out of reach inside the grid, so i fashioned a device similar to yours. and whilst i needed to take great care to make sure my head was not decapitated by the passing traffic - eventually the mission was a success.

  2. Good day. Wecome aboard!

    Although I can't help thinking that timing the birth of your blog against the birth of Claudia Bramall is a kind of unfortunate.

  3. Woo! We can form a Fathers Who Blog club. I like your emphasis on DIY so far.

  4. Fathers Who Blog sounds like something we should raise money for. A charity event where we help these fathers get back in to the real world.

  5. I think you should become a master thief, I bet you could get into anywhere with that device you made to retrieve your keys. x x x x