Friday, 11 March 2011

Ze plane boss, ze plane!

A couple of weeks ago I borrowed my dad's electric plane and bought a new Suffolk Gate Latch to fix the back gate.

You see, over time the wooden gate had warped which meant it couldn't close properly and needed to be propped shut by the wheelie bin. Also, the old latch had broken and didn't have a handle which allows the gate to be opened from the outside.

Anyway, I eventually planed the gate and screwed on the new latch. 

Some before and after pics.

The gate now opens and closes smoothly. Job done!

Deb's folks.

Jean and Tom (Deb's mum and dad) stayed with us for a couple of days this week to see how Lucas is getting on. This is the second time they have seen their Grandson. Lucas approved very much of his Nan and Grandad. 

Thanks again J & T for buying me the garden pitchfork, the latest addition to my tool family. I'll try to not be so ill next time you visit.

Lucas and Ruby

Deb's brother Jason and his wife Sarah recently stayed with us bringing with them Ruby, Lucas' younger cousin by 4 weeks. Neither child knew the other was present. No baby racing on this occasion.

Lucas and Ruby
Ruby and Lucas

The Bramalls are coming!

A couple of pics now of a recent visit from Dan, Camille and Claudia. Nice to see you to see you nice.

Left to right - Steve, Helen, Camille, Dan (HOOOOO!) and Deb

Happy 2nd Birthday Euan.

We recently attended the bash of the week at Steve and Helen's house for Euan's Birthday. Sadly, Peaches Geldof, Fearne Cotton, Jordan and that stammering one from boy band Blue weren't able to come. Shame that, I was well up for a fight!

Birthday boy Euan
Euan, Steve and Helen

Soft play...

...I think not!

Off to Leeds now on the train to stay with Andrew, Michelle and Scarlett to celebrate Scarlett's 4th Birthday. So, to Polka Dots it was, a childrens' soft play centre (warehouse) situated in Garforth.

I was pleasantly surprised just how good it was. However, I cannot comment on the actual soft play as I did not partake. 

Moving on, the food there was brilliant. I had cheese burger with bacon, chips, salad and coleslaw. Classy I know, but very tasty nonetheless. If you're 4 years old I would most certainly recommend going to Polka Dots.

On the day, in attendance was; Deb, Lucas and me, Andrew, Michelle and Scarlett, Tom, Gemma, Olive and Joe, Dean, Nathaniel and Isabella.

I was totally stressed at the idea of travelling by train with a two month old, but Lucas was completely chilled and seemed to love his first family outing.

Left to right - Lucas, Deb, me
Michelle, Andrew, Lucas and Deb
Birthday girl Scarlett and Dougal
Olive and Tom
Michelle, Deb, Lucas, Gemma, Andrew, Isabella, Dean and Nathaniel
Lucas, me and Deb
Harry Hill with his head in his hands (back of Lucas' head)
Zebedee, Dougal and Deb
Dr Bubbington, I presume?
A big thank you to Andrew and Michelle for putting us up and for giving up their bed.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Window locks.

Very interesting this one, I'm sure.

When we moved into the house we weren't given keys to the window locks and didn't know who originally installed them. Not sure where to get new keys from, or how to select the right keys for the locks, I contacted a local trader who explained I'd need to bring him the locks so he could check if he had the right keys to fit.


As it happened, the trader had the right keys in stock and gave me 4 for free. It was valentine's day after all!

Mr Sandman...

A previous occupier of the house decided to build-up the outside front bay by making a raised concrete area. In doing so, blocked up the ventilation bricks to the sub floor, adding to the damp problem.

We had the concrete removed to expose said vent bricks, but at some point, someone decided to fill the bay with sand. WHY, WHO?!

For some time the sand acted like a giant litter tray for the local wildlife. Before being able to tidy the front the sand had to be shifted. Without a wheelbarrow I transported the sand from the front to the back in 15 bin bags. Who would've thought sand could weigh so much!



2 hours, 8 bags of gravel and some weed membrane later, job done...for now.


Lucas is 12 weeks old on Friday and weighs approx 15lbs 2oz. 

He's really coming on and I can't believe just how good he is. He's outgrown his Moses basket and now sleeps in our room in a travel cot.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Long time no blog.

Lots has happend since my last post so here's a few lickle updates.

I'll start with the arrival of our new baby...the cast iron fireplace. After 3 weeks of waiting she was delivered by a lone delivery man at 14:02 on 04/02, weighing a lot more than I can mange to lift unaided.

Two weeks resting in the hall and with help from Steve, the bonnie lass was installed. Being a drill virgin it was time to borrow a hammer drill (from Steve) and acquire the appropriate drill bit, x4 massive screws and heavy duty wall plugs from Howell's. Job done!

All we need now are skirting boards and paint on the walls.