Monday, 27 August 2012

We win!

It's been a long and tiring battle, which I'm pleased to announce is over...we win! The stump and iron bars are out of the garden, the mound has been flattened, new fence is in, and preparation is underway to construct the decking. 

The plan was to light a second fire around the tree in the kiln, but that wasn't necessary. The stump had been drilled full of holes to weaken it, and all iron bars cut. Adam split the rest of the wood with the aid of two log splitters and a sledgehammer.

Smoke from the fire pit.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


So here's were we left off.

Due to the amount of rubbish we hired a 5 tonne skip, which was only just about big enough. Instead of just putting the 140 (approx) bags of soil/rubble straight into the skip, we emptied most of them to fit more in. 

It took about 1.5 hours to fill the skip. Big thanks to JK, Adam and Deb for their hard work.

The next challenge was how to tackle the remainder of the old sycamore tree (pics of the old tree), which had grown through iron railings. We built a makeshift 'kiln' and filled it with a couple of bags of coal. Here's what it looked like.

The fire roared intensely for hours and was still alight after 24 hours! Once all the rubbish had gone and the fire was at its hottest, it was time to tidy up.

The following day it was time to see the fruits of our labour and dismantle the 'kiln'.

The stump had reduced by half, maybe more, and we could now dig further down to expose beneath its mass. I think the next burn, in addition to drilling holes through the wood, will do the trick and remove the stump completely. If you look closely at the left, right and top of the trunk you can see the iron railings.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Same old, same old, except it's new!

For a look back at the saga so far, click on the links below (this will open a new window):

New for old

Secret garden


Bag it up!

Here are the latest pics; thanks to Deb, Adam and Nenah for all their hard work. I can't take any credit for this:

Approx 210 bags filled and counting!