Sunday, 18 August 2013

Let there be light (Pt. 2 - phase 2 - water pump)!


Small water pump in sink.

Planter with the bottom sealed, pump and plant pot also fitted.

Plant pot drip tray to hold pebbles - later replaced with clear plastic picnic plate.

Pebbles/stones collected from New Brighton beach. Here, I've drilled a hole in sandstone to fit the water pump tube through. The pump didn't come with tubing so I bought a syphon kit.


The pump came with this jack which was cut off and the exposed wires soldered to complete the circuit.

Heat shrink warmed over connection to make soldered joints waterproof.

Control panel, including; battery, fuse box, switches and solar panel controller.

Fitted inside the shed.

Complete - with Lukey's frog and marbles.

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