Sunday, 4 August 2013

Let there be light (Pt. 2 - phase 1)!

"Captain, we need more (solar) POWER!"

I've been wanting to increase the overall effectiveness of the garden solar lighting, and having consulted with my technician (Adam), I've invested in a new solar panel, 12v rechargeable battery, LEDs and various other accessories to beef things up a bit. The old lighting was OK, I suppose, but it wasn't practical as it didn't provide enough light.

This post relates to the lighting only. I'm also hoping to run a water pump/fountain from the same set-up too.



Hole in glass jar

High-tech kebab skewer to hold LED


Junction box

Connector blocks

Solar panel

Old light

New light - Although it looks like a supernova (in a jar),
 in reality, it's not so dazzling.

It all worked out brilliantly and the new lights are awesome! They add so much more light, but aren't too obtrusive. Cheers Adam.

Next to come...the water pump.


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