Sunday, 13 November 2011

Skirting boards

After almost a year of not having them, the skirting boards (7" Torus) have finally landed! Oh man, people take skirting boards for granted!

My Dad, with a small amount of assistance from me, started fitting the new skirts.

Special thanks to Aud and Les for all their hard work...the cheapest labour in town! 

One of the nicest weekends I've had in a long time. Bubs loved it.

There's just the small matter of painting them now!

Some before and after pics.


  1. Skirting board is important in your walls because it can add strength and color your house. It can also protect your wall to any parasites and even rats.

  2. the main purpose of skirting boards is to cover the gap between the flooring and the wall so that there is an expansion gap for the flooring- otherwise it will expand and cause the floor to swell in the middle

  3. To get the best result was softwood or hardwood skirting roads you will need to laquer them