Friday, 11 March 2011

Soft play...

...I think not!

Off to Leeds now on the train to stay with Andrew, Michelle and Scarlett to celebrate Scarlett's 4th Birthday. So, to Polka Dots it was, a childrens' soft play centre (warehouse) situated in Garforth.

I was pleasantly surprised just how good it was. However, I cannot comment on the actual soft play as I did not partake. 

Moving on, the food there was brilliant. I had cheese burger with bacon, chips, salad and coleslaw. Classy I know, but very tasty nonetheless. If you're 4 years old I would most certainly recommend going to Polka Dots.

On the day, in attendance was; Deb, Lucas and me, Andrew, Michelle and Scarlett, Tom, Gemma, Olive and Joe, Dean, Nathaniel and Isabella.

I was totally stressed at the idea of travelling by train with a two month old, but Lucas was completely chilled and seemed to love his first family outing.

Left to right - Lucas, Deb, me
Michelle, Andrew, Lucas and Deb
Birthday girl Scarlett and Dougal
Olive and Tom
Michelle, Deb, Lucas, Gemma, Andrew, Isabella, Dean and Nathaniel
Lucas, me and Deb
Harry Hill with his head in his hands (back of Lucas' head)
Zebedee, Dougal and Deb
Dr Bubbington, I presume?
A big thank you to Andrew and Michelle for putting us up and for giving up their bed.

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