Sunday, 7 November 2010


Light relief now from the recent house posts to show our trip to Scarborough.

We (Deb, I, Christina, Tom, Gemma, Olive, Paul, Sarah, Andrew, Michelle, Scarlett, Steve, Helen and Euan) spent 25.5 hours in Scarborough this weekend for Michelle's Birthday. Dean, Rachel, Nathaniel and Isabella met up with us all on Sunday.

I've never been to Scarborough before and I can confirm there is definitely a fair there. We will most certainly be re-visiting Scarborough at a later date.

I would've liked to include a photo of our cell, I mean hotel room, but the dim prison lighting prevented this. The warden/receptionist was very accommodating though.

Absolutely brilliant excursion. We had a fantastic time. Thank you Scarborough and happy birthday Michelle.

Some photos in no particular order.

Killer Queens!



Beach bums - Gemma, Helen, Steve, Andrew & Paul.

Olive, Scarlett & Tom.

Deb, Christina, Michelle & Scarlett.


Me, Deb & the bump.

Funny face.

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  1. excellent, i can confirm we had an awsome weekend too. olive is still talking about "seaside".